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FAQ about Sourcing in Europe

How to join now ?

Please click here to join SourcingInEurope.com

To be a member of SourcinInEurope.com, what should I do ?

To be a free member of SourcingInEurope.com, please click here.
All the fields marked with an asterisk are required.
Please provide accurate information and then create your account.
To be a Premium member, just upgrade your account.

For an European supplier, how to promote products to the global market ?

Submit your detailed company and product information through Virtual Office. Your information
will be edited
and published in accordance with your products categories.
Any buyers who are interested in your products may find your company and products information
and contact you directly. Besides, search or view on Offer Board for buyers’ information. Or, post offers to sell your products. Please note that all the services above are only available for members.

How to change my member ID ?

In order to change your member please change the email registered in you account

How to buy and how to sell on SourcingInEurope.com ?

SourcingInEurope.com gives you the opportunity to show your catalog to targeted clients. SourcinginEurope.com offers an unique opportunity to grow your business and increase your revenue
Please click here to learn more on "How to buy" and here concerning "How to sell"

What are the basic & premium services of SourcingInEruope.com?

By choosing SoucingInEurope.com you have understood the massive use of Internet nowdays. SourcingInEurope.com will give you the must have tools for developing your business
Basic Services include a limited access to the European Platform for buyers in Europe and for buyers who want to buy in Europe. With SourcingInEurope.com you could manage your content through your own website
Premium services allow a full access for optimizing your online visibility and growing your business by unlimited content updates and exclusive access to buyers

For buyers, how to search for european suppliers ?

Just use the search bar or post Buying Request to get quotations directly from matched suppliers

To know more about a supplier ?

Please go to its website to get more information about the supplier and/or the product selected

How to contact a supplier ?

Just click on "contact"